Higher Powered Book Now Available!

Higher Powered Book Now Available!

Higher Powered Book Now Available!

Hello All,

Well, as you know, the first book is now available. You can order them in soft cover and eBook, this one is also available in hard cover as well. I am very excited to see how well it is received. Although I put my soul into this book, it will be up to you, the readers, to carry it to the masses. Word of mouth is the best way to turn a small fire into a raging inferno! I hope this becomes one!

I have spent countless hours, and in some cases sacrificed sleep for many nights gathering facts to put into this book.  I did the same for the videos here on this website and abroad to promote this book. I feel you should know the truth, no matter how painful it may be. You see, without it you will never truly be free. “The truth shall set you free” actually has a meaning.

Truth is Power


Freedom is power. True freedom isn’t something that can be taken away. Only you can give it away by believing someone else’s truth. With the power of freedom, you can do anything.

Happiness begins with freedom and that begins with the whole truth.  Not a part of it, not some of it, but all of it.  Truth is all around us and yet we seem to isolate ourselves from it.  What are we afraid of?  The path towards happiness is one of enlightenment and truth.  We live in a world of confusion and corruption.  Truth can seem awkward and maybe even uncomfortable at first.  Keeping an open mind will make it easier to digest.  Once the initial shock wears off, you will have a hard time accepting lies as truth.  We are programmed to accepting lies.  We have been for a very long time.  The process is repeated generation after generation.  If we are to change the world into one we would like to see our kids grow up in, the work has to begin at some point.  This book is just a glimpse of hope we have to turning our wold into something better…the rest is up to you.

Awakening Giants

That is you my friends!  For too long we have been asleep inside of our shells.  The powers that rule our world have ran it into the ground.  Politicians work for their own gain.   Corporations are now considered “people” and their profits buy the same lawmakers we employ to work for them.  Our oceans are polluted, our air is toxic, and our soil is riddled with chemicals.  Cures for diseases like cancer are held back from the public, wars rage on across the world, and our system of economics hangs in the balance.  Some would see this as a sign of end times.

canstockphoto0133570Have you ever thought that maybe the books that predict such horrors were edited by sadistic people who have manipulated the world to such an end?  Could it be possible that we are that ignorant or blind to our faith to not see such truths?  Thought provoking?  You will love the book!

More to Come

I am currently working on the second and third part of the Higher Powered trilogy. Stay tuned and check out the videos. Please leave comments on YouTube and Facebook. I would really like your input my friends.