Highest Self: Learn to Leash the Ego

Highest Self: Learn to Leash the Ego

highest self book coverIn Highest Self, we will explore the Body – Mind – Spirit concept deeper to find that we are first the spirit and then the mind residing in this physical body. In fact, we are actually spirit beings who have a human experience in this physical existence.  Deep inside, each one of us already knows this, but through a lifetime of conditioning, we have forgotten and lost touch with who we really are. As a result, many of us roam the earth searching for a purpose in our lives.  Some look for God and then find themselves full of bitterness and hatred.  Some lose faith all together and deny their own spirit, and more hold on to that broken theology that has steered them far away from the loving God they glorify.

Highest Self  Book

Highest Self BookIn this book, we look to the puppet master responsible for keeping us all in the dark. You have gone to great lengths to protect it, even while it was lying and deceiving you the whole time. It isn’t who you would think it to be. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to…your ego. Yes, the ego. A cunning little bastard, but always wearing big britches. It doesn’t have a whole lot of brains, but it does have a loud bark and a bite. This thing we create in our mind is capable of either placing us on
a mountaintop or dragging us through hell.

Highest Self

Our highest self is actually who we are—or at least who we are trying to become—in this physical dimension. Reaching our highest self is our sole purpose, yet we seek fulfillment outside of who we are because we don’t know ourselves as well as we think we do. Many have lost themselves to the unrelenting struggle with the ego; these people just go with whatever they are told to believe. Others are beginning to wake up and know there is something within them that is calling out the lies they were living before. These people are driven by a power higher than their ego.

Living a Lie

Living a life of lies is a choice we make as adults. As children we have little choice: our young minds are programmed by our parents and the environment we are in. As adults, we acquire the ability to make our own decisions. Unfortunately, not all of us had the best guidance as children. But we can’t blame our parents for our lack of understanding of the world. They did the best they could with what they had to work with.  It is up to us as adults to pave the path to the lives we want to experience.