Higher Powered Videos

Higher Powered Videos

Below are videos that will visualize the book in detail. Each video covers a topic discussed.


What if you could wake up tomorrow and live the life of your dreams? What if you could make that your reality? All it takes is an open mind to unlock your full potential. Happiness comes from within and to experience it, you have to work from the inside out.





Have you ever felt something is missing from your life? Do you find yourself alone, lost or chasing to fill a void? This video will empower you. Discover what freedom really is.





Truth is everywhere around us and yet we choose to isolate ourselves from it. It seems like we create our own problems and then blame others for the outcome. This life of turmoil is of choice… it is our creation as a collective consciousness (or unconsciousness). We have become a society consumed by fear and that has made a it a bitter experience for everyone except those who pull the strings and those who know the secret rules to life. This video will answer the question “Why do we choose this life of turmoil?”





Have you ever wondered why we tolerate the lies we are told.
We feel so betrayed when a friend or family member bends the truth a little, yet we are certain that our politicians are lying to us, and we let that go. If it seems like we are programmed to accept being lied too…we are. This is eye opening!





Fear is the root cause of all things that plague our world today.
Racism, bigotry, violence and separatism are all rooted in fear.
It is ego that creates the “us and them” mentality and keeps humanity consumed by it. Overcome fear and you will know peace and freedom.





The power of choice opens the door to freedom and happiness. Master this key to successful living and you will change the course of your life to a state of wellness and satisfaction. Two things to remember regarding choice are; you always have one and it is yours to make.