Feel the Power

Feel the Power

Feel the Power

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feel the power

There are days when I just don’t have the desire or the energy to face the day.  In these times of depression and loneliness, I know that it is only going to be me that can change the mood and turn my life around.  I can allow the darkness to consume me or I can use it to contrast the things in my life I am grateful for.  It is only in the light of my spirit where the truth can be found.  I am not my body.  My body is merely a vehicle.  I am not my mind.  My mind is merely a tool to understand the separation of my spirit from the others and its own source.  When I look at my life from this point of view, then I am brought back to a truth that is not visible to so many people…and sometimes even myself.  We are all one.

Power of the Spirit

Looking back, I can remember times when I was lost.  My life had no meaning and I was just an empty shell.  It seemed like every day was another burden rather than another chance to find happiness.  It wasn’t until I got to know my inner being, the real me.  This process didn’t happen in a day and it took a lot of searching and work.  And even though it took great effort and time, the result was a hidden power I never knew existed.  I will never forget the day I discovered the strength of my own spirit.  For those who are still searching for something, look no further.  You are that great power.  It is a part of each and every one of us.  Your spirit has always been with you, and when it leaves your body the flesh begins to rot.  Body is only living matter when the energy known as “spirit” is with it.  The source of spirit energy is the magical key to all life.  Some people call this “God.”  You can call it whatever you are comfortable with, but its all the same.  The source of all energy on this planet and the entire universe is the same and it governs everything in existence through a set of universal laws.

Universal Laws of Nature

If you are wondering what the laws of nature are, think about gravity or physics.  How is it that a cruise ship the size of a city can float, but if you were to throw a rock into a pond, that small rock would sink to the bottom?  What allows a jumbo jet weighing nearly one million pounds to fly through the air?  These vehicles had to be engineered to work in harmony with the laws of nature in order for aviation and maritime to become possible.  Familiarize yourself with these laws, put them into use, and you will find a power you never knew you had.

Applied Knowledge is Power

Don’t be fooled…knowledge isn’t power.  Knowledge has it’s limitations by your system of beliefs.  This thing called “ego” can blind you.  It has successfully done just that to so many others, even those aware of its existence and cunning ways.  Ego has been limiting your power of knowledge by only granting limited access.  When we allow ego to shut the doors to our minds, we have already been unaware of the construction of the walls.  We become prisoners to the ego, and our access to knowledge becomes limited to what we think “we know.”  Knowledge only becomes power when our understanding of it grows in depth and we apply it.  It is also important to be willing to let go of our understanding of what we are holding on to currently for a better understanding.  This will bring down the walls of our mind and free us in the most powerful way.  We will no longer be trapped to our own way of thinking and we will have the freedom to change our mind.  Changing our way of thinking is the power of knowledge, it is a shame not too many people know how use this power.

Feel the Power

When the walls come down around the mind, the spirit is awakened.  An awakened spirit is quick to explore itself in human form.  To the spirit, every day is an adventure.  It seeks to explore things that bring back pleasant feelings, and it will respond back with feelings of joy, contentment, and happiness when it is satisfied.  On the contrary, it will respond back with feelings of guilt, shame and remorse when it is less than satisfied.  Listen to your feelings.  It is the language of the spirit.  The power to change your life is within us all.  Those who choose to ignore or deny their spirit live without







Power Up!


The Power is in You

I had no Idea how fast my life could turn around like that!  It seemed like only a few months passed before I was feeling alive like never before.  I was excited to take on anything life was going to throw my way.  I had the power to do this the whole time, yet I chose to follow a different path.  Power to change always comes from within.  It is up to the individual to allow the switch to be thrown.  The greatest enemy to the true self is the ego.

Take Hold of the Power and Change

If you are ready to change your life from what it is today, yesterday and the days before to something new and exciting beyond your wildest dreams… open your mind (you will need to do that first) and get ready for a change.  You see, change can only take place if you allow it to.  Some of us won’t let that happen for a number of reasons.  Fear could be one of those reasons.  You may say “I’m not afraid.”  But deep within, there may be an underlying issue that has buried itself to avoid you of the discomfort.  I am not a doctor, counselor or psychologist, so if you need one to work out those issues, GET ONE.  I am only speaking from my own experience.  This may or may not work for you.  Depending on how willing you are to be completely honest (with yourself), your level of open-mindedness and willingness to change your ways of thinking for something better… results may vary.  I was broken at the beginning of my journey.  My spirit was asleep for so long, I couldn’t feel anything but pain.  Fortunately, pain is a great motivator.  Pain was also something that started a chain reaction that led me to believe in a power greater than myself… pain was it.

Being Higher Powered

A higher powered being is one who has a free thinking mind, an awakened spirit that is asked to lead the way, and one who takes care of the body he/ she is in, (respecting all three parts).  I will be very honest… I am not there yet.  I am a work-in-progress.  I do understand it will take time for everything else to fall into place, but I try hard to keep my focus on my goals.  It has and will continue to take a lot more practice.  That is much better than what I had before, and I am okay with that… “Easy Does It.”