10 Powerful Affirmations that will Transform Your Life


The Experience

This is an excerpt from my new book Highest Self, coming out in 2017.  I have found it is the experiences in life that make it worthwhile. In this piece I describe my experience rebuilding an old corvette with my friend James Presta.  The project started out as a typical engine replacement, but turned out to Read More

Ego Can Make You or Break You

the ego mind

It has been said that Ego is your worst enemy.  This is only true when we let the tail wag the dog.  I have seen cases when ego has actually helped me through a situation.  To understand this element of the mind, you have to fully be prepared to humble yourself first.  I mean you Read More

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Gratitude is the Winner’s Attitude


Gratitude is the best way to vibrate positive energy…and that is powerful.  I sometimes find myself sucked into the vortex of negative energy.  People create a negative energy vacuum without even knowing it.  I had a friend actually tell me “I’m not a negative person.”  I had to remind him that people aren’t positive or Read More