The Experience

The Experience

The Experience

This is an excerpt from my new book Highest Self, coming out in 2017.  I have found it is the experiences in life that make it worthwhile. In this piece I describe my experience rebuilding an old corvette with my friend James Presta.  The project started out as a typical engine replacement, but turned out to become a bonding project between two friends.  I cherish every moment of this experience.  I will also post pictures of this in process.


Little Black Corvette

Years later, I decided to trade one of my trucks in for a car. I had grown my landscape business to a point where I didn’t really need my midsized truck. I had two larger dually pickups that did any job I could take on. The smaller truck needed some work, and I really didn’t want to invest any more money into it. I put it up for sale, but all who came to look at it offered me trades for something else. One guy offered me a Corvette. This sparked an idea. Even though his Corvette wasn’t the one I was interested in, the idea however, was very interesting.

I have always wanted a Corvette. In fact, I have a picture of me, as a teen in my bedroom playing my guitar with a picture of a Corvette hanging on my wall, in the background. I posted another ad, only this time I mentioned that I would consider a Corvette as a trade. The calls came in. I didn’t know that many people were looking for a truck and had a spare Corvette to trade. This was definitely the Law of Attraction at work! I ended up with an ’89 Corvette with a decent interior and paint, and new top. It was a convertible and in my favorite color, black. I didn’t have to think long before trading titles with the guy. I had the car towed home so I could go through it before putting it on the road.

When I got home, I tested the car by driving it around the block, only to find out that it needed more work than I had thought it would. This car needed a new motor. I had the car towed again to my best friend’s shop, and he confirmed my thoughts. My friend explained that if I were to just go through the existing motor, it could end up costing much more in the end. Also, with a new motor, everything in it would be new. That is what we did.


The Priceless Experience

The Corvette project became something that would bring us closer as friends, and it was also an experience of a lifetime. I got to build my dream Corvette in a professional setting, equipped with lifts, specialty tools, and a certified professional mechanic teaching me how to do it step by step. I also got to go through every inch of the car to clean off grease, polish corroded aluminum, and tape off cut wires and run every wire through conduit and heat-shield tape.

When the car was complete, my friend James told me to run video as he turned the key for the first time after the rebirth. It fired instantly. It was so loud! It needed to be sent to the muffler shop for exhaust work, but the work was done and done right. The car was alive. James and I were like two little kids that day. I will always remember that experience. Every time I drive the car, it brings me back to that moment in time. I didn’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the Corvette experience. Actually, for what I did spend to do all of the repairs on my little black Corvette to make the car roadworthy, the experience alone was priceless.

Ego Can Make You or Break You

the ego mind

It has been said that Ego is your worst enemy.  This is only true when we let the tail wag the dog.  I have seen cases when ego has actually helped me through a situation.  To understand this element of the mind, you have to fully be prepared to humble yourself first.  I mean you REALLY have to be ready to accept anything you find that contradicts your version of what you think is fact.  It is only your highest self (spirit) that can lovingly train an out-of-control ego and make it useful.  Knowing the difference between the two is the first step.

My Understanding of Ego

dog driving truckI don’t see the ego as good or bad.  It can help as much as it an hurt.  It helps by separating me from those that I don’t want to be like.  I can use my ego to set a higher standard for myself by learning from others around me.  My ego has also rewarded me with better paying jobs because of this.  The ego has many uses… like a good dog.

Using the dog analogy, let’s look at it this way:  I love my dog, but if this animal is not well supervised, it will get both of us in trouble.  It’s intent isn’t to cause trouble, but it’s instinct is to explore and see how far it can push the envelope.  This is usually where control is lost and later you find yourself (and the dog) in front of Judge Judy.  I don’t like to muzzle or leash the animal, because it’s freedom is as important to me as it is the dog.  Unfortunately, If I don’t from time to time, I will have to pay for the hell my dog will create for me (not to mention the expensive vet bills).  So as a responsible and loving pet owner, I must do the thinking and important decision making.  Sometimes the dog can be leashed, and sometimes it must go in the crate.  Life choices are an every day event, and for most people it happens quite frequently throughout the day.  I have a friend that has an ego he likes to let run free.  This has most likely been the cause of all his problems.

Over-Inflating the Ego

I have a friend whom I have hired on many occasions to work for me.  This friend has knowledge of what he does, and also has the ability to quickly adapt to things that are new to him.  His biggest hang up is his own ego.  It seems that he likes to let his ego run things for him.  He isn’t alone…many people do this and aren’t even aware of it.  He may be one, but he will joke about it even when the situations could cost him everything he works hard for.  There have been times when I have brought potential catastrophic situations to his attention and arrogantly, he dismisses it and tells me that he knows what he is doing.  Away form work, he is my friend, but at work, I am his boss.  My duties are to protect the company and its employees.  His actions could hurt both.  Here is the situation I find myself in: I have two choices.  Either I can let him fix the problem, or let him make the problem mine to fix.

Ego can put you on the other end of this scenario and cloud your thinking to make you believe it is your friend that’s the bad guy.  As much warning I gave this friend, his response was to ignore the courtesy notification and end the conversation with a text telling me to back off.  In the days to come, his actions as a result of an over inflated ego are going to cost him dearly.


Carrying a Chip

Some people have so much resentment, they carry it like baggage into every relationship.  It is hard for them to put it down and for some reason they almost enjoy the experience of conflict…even if the losses are catastrophic.  Living with people like this is like making yourself a meal for a vampire.  This kind of person will drain the life out of you.  Many abused women have experienced living with a energy vampire.  Abuse can also come from their irresponsible behavior and not just physical abuse.

I experienced this kind of abuse from a band mate I was living with for a short while in Los Angeles.  His modus operandi was to move in with someone, quit his job and make excuses as to why he never had any money to pay his portion of the rent, bills, and food.  He always seemed to have money to sit at the bar all day drinking and smoking and betting on football.  From what I hear, he is still doing that.


Like I mentioned before, I love my dog, but I would never let it drive my car.  The ego is a necessary tool to master.  Either you understand its power and train it to behave, or it will pee on your foot and leave piles of dung on everything you work hard for.  Living in spirit


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Gratitude is the Winner’s Attitude


Gratitude is the best way to vibrate positive energy…and that is powerful.  I sometimes find myself sucked into the vortex of negative energy.  People create a negative energy vacuum without even knowing it.  I had a friend actually tell me “I’m not a negative person.”  I had to remind him that people aren’t positive or negative, they are power plants and can choose to produce positive or negative energy.  It is always a choice.

Understanding the Law of Attraction, we know that positive energy will produce and attract more positive energy.  Also, negative energy will produce and attract more of the same.  If you don’t know of this law, you will need to familiarize yourself to it if you want to make conscious choices that will bring you to things you want to experience.  This law is very real and works like physics, gravity and electricity.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, it is science.

A good start to all of this is reading my book Higher Powered: A Powerful Book to Finding Happiness.  I have laid the ground work to understanding the laws of nature.  Once you have done that, there is a wealth of information online for you to discover and test (like I have done).

Clearing your Head

Setting aside quiet time is a great start to clear the head and silence the mind.  Mine works overtime (mostly into the night).  My mind never shuts up or off, unless I force it off.  I have found meditation a powerful tool, but sometimes it takes more prep time prior to meditation for even that to work.  During meditation, ask your questions.  How do I…? Where can I find…? What is the best way to…?  When your head is clear the answers will come.  You are summoning your highest self during this quiet time.  Your highest self has the answers to all of your questions.  For me, this is when I am in the highest vibration, and the level of excitement and enthusiasm are at their peak!  Once my mind is cleared of all thoughts, I reset it with thoughts of gratitude and begin with my questions.  Try it and you will see what I mean.

Gratitude: Appreciate What You Have Today

Gratitude requires maintenance.  Keeping a journal is a good way to keep track of day’s details that pass and become forgotten.  Writing down a list of things to be grateful for is also another way to keep track of how good you have it.  If you are reading this blog, you have a computer, tablet or phone…with internet.  The majority of the world’s population don’t.  Most of them don’t have clean water to drink, food, a roof over their head, clean cloths to wear… Let that sink in for a minute.  Most of the world’s people are living in conditions less than your pet.  The next time you think you have it bad, think of the kids who lost their families and homes as a result of war, famine and disease.  We have it made.  Our problems are not even close to theirs…be grateful for that.

The Boomerang Effect

When you find yourself complaining about something today, stop.  ask yourself: why am I complaining?  What can I do to correct the situation, then do that.  Ask yourself What part of this is outside of my control?  Then stop focusing on that.  Your focus on those things outside of your control will ultimately bring you more of that same energy that makes you feel helpless.  The universe has a way of doing things that you better learn or you will continue to suffer.  Not knowing doesn’t excuse you from being the fool.  At some point you need to figure out the rules of life if you want to win.  Sending out positive waves of energy brings back the same, and so does sending out negative energy.  Gratitude will turn negative energy into positive.  The waves come back like a boomerang.  Learn to harness the power you have and your life will change as mine has.  You have more power than you will ever know!

Show Me the Money!

canstockphoto6215865In the past few weeks, my day to day activities have brought my attention to the subject of money.  I have to admit, I have found myself on the merry-go-round of chasing the money in the past, but I always seemed to be one of the lucky ones (or so I thought) when it came to money because it more often found its way into my hands.

I used to think that my work deserved more than what I was being paid and anytime a chance came up to make a little more somewhere else, I was first in that line.  I have always worked hard and long hours, that part I had no problem with.  It was the time table of payoff that was my complaint.  How long does a man have to give everything he has to get one step ahead of his monthly expenses?

This is a common thought among many people I talk to.  Times are tough, but life was never easy to begin with (unless you are one of very few who had everything handed to you on a platter).  Most of us work hard for a living, and if we have a few extra bucks for a simple guilty pleasure, we are truly blessed.

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunities to make a comfortable living, but it was always hit or miss… at least until the day I stopped chasing money.

Chasing Money

This silly behavior is one we all do, because money is what makes things happen.  The world revolves around paper and ink!  Most of us don’t think much beyond anything else probably because it does buy comfort and can improve the quality of life.  Unfortunately, this obsession can also reduce the quality of life in ways we don’t even think of.  Chasing money is like a dog that chases its tail.  It may eventually get a mouthful here or there, but what more than a taste of its own tail does it gain?

Money is the End Result

Money isn’t a treat or reward; it is only a tool.  It is the exchange of energy.  It is the end result of doing something productive.  The amount of money depends on the individual and the amount of effort one is willing to put forth to do a better job than someone else that also does the same thing.  So, looking at this perspective, it would become clear that value has something to do with the amount of money one will earn.  Value is subjective.

Everyone is bias when left to grade their own paper, however when someone else is in charge to do the grading the results may not be the same.  Something that carries value in the eyes of every buyer in our world is greatness.  When something is the best of its kind, it becomes desirable and people want it.  Most who can afford it will pay what it costs to have it, and those who can’t will pay what they can to get it and do what they can to keep it.  Being great means no holding back.

If you are one who will only put out your best when or if you are paid what you believe you are worth, you are the dog that is chasing its tail.  You may score a taste of success here and there, but that will be it.  If you truly want to experience a life of financial freedom, it’s not money you should be focused on, but the freedom from it.

Life of Turmoil

Somewhere in time we were led to believe We are separate from God.  This myth has led mankind down a very dark path.  We have separated ourselves from everything else and everyone else.  We live in fear and are easily manipulated by it.  Our decisions are mainly based on our emotional reaction to the fear that is deeply rooted in our subconscious.  We are merely meat puppets that will gladly hand over our young to the powers that control us for their own profit and gain.  We accept what we are told to believe, and will fight anyone that has new evidence to prove otherwise.  We refuse to even think for ourselves to see if there remotely be a slim chance that we have been misled.

As a result, we have poisoned our atmosphere and the air we breathe, the oceans and the water we drink, and contaminated the soil in which we grow our food.  We also genetically alter our food with chemicals and ingest other forms of toxins for recreation.  Our health is on a steady decline and our method to address our declining health issue are pharmaceutical drugs that bring with them even more serious health risks.

Blinded by the Light

We choose this life of turmoil.  This world isn’t our punishment, it is our creation.  We have made ourselves victims of our own creation!  Why are we so blind?

algory of the caveGreek philosopher, Plato, wrote about the Allegory of the Cave.  In it was a description of prisoners that were chained to face the dark cave wall their whole lives.  Their only reality was seeing shadows of moving images coming from things that pass in front of a fire behind them.  These prisoners believed that it was the shadows that were real… even giving them names.

What would it be like for these prisoners to be free to see the light for the first time?  Change can sometimes be painful… especially when seeing the light for the first time.  The light can force the prisoner back into the cave.  What we tell ourselves we believe so strongly it must be true.  That is what usually condemns us back to a prisoner inside the cave.

Open Mind is the Doorway to Freedom

Concept Of Open Mind

Your mind is what will set you free.  It has been said that knowledge is power.  Well, not exactly.  If you are closed minded to other possibilities other than your own thinking, knowledge is only useless information to you.  Knowledge only becomes power when it is applied.  Keeping your doorway open will also gain you access beyond the boundaries you set.

That’s the point, remove the boundaries and experience life without limits!  Now, I’m not saying to go in a crime spree or a free-for-all.  You still need to use your compass to guide you in the right direction.  You still need to apply actions to your thoughts that best support them (if you want to experience success).  An open mind will give you more options and also options that better fit your goals.

You have more power than you will ever know!



Higher Powered Book Now Available!

Hello All,

Well, as you know, the first book is now available. You can order them in soft cover and eBook, this one is also available in hard cover as well. I am very excited to see how well it is received. Although I put my soul into this book, it will be up to you, the readers, to carry it to the masses. Word of mouth is the best way to turn a small fire into a raging inferno! I hope this becomes one!

I have spent countless hours, and in some cases sacrificed sleep for many nights gathering facts to put into this book.  I did the same for the videos here on this website and abroad to promote this book. I feel you should know the truth, no matter how painful it may be. You see, without it you will never truly be free. “The truth shall set you free” actually has a meaning.

Truth is Power


Freedom is power. True freedom isn’t something that can be taken away. Only you can give it away by believing someone else’s truth. With the power of freedom, you can do anything.

Happiness begins with freedom and that begins with the whole truth.  Not a part of it, not some of it, but all of it.  Truth is all around us and yet we seem to isolate ourselves from it.  What are we afraid of?  The path towards happiness is one of enlightenment and truth.  We live in a world of confusion and corruption.  Truth can seem awkward and maybe even uncomfortable at first.  Keeping an open mind will make it easier to digest.  Once the initial shock wears off, you will have a hard time accepting lies as truth.  We are programmed to accepting lies.  We have been for a very long time.  The process is repeated generation after generation.  If we are to change the world into one we would like to see our kids grow up in, the work has to begin at some point.  This book is just a glimpse of hope we have to turning our wold into something better…the rest is up to you.

Awakening Giants

That is you my friends!  For too long we have been asleep inside of our shells.  The powers that rule our world have ran it into the ground.  Politicians work for their own gain.   Corporations are now considered “people” and their profits buy the same lawmakers we employ to work for them.  Our oceans are polluted, our air is toxic, and our soil is riddled with chemicals.  Cures for diseases like cancer are held back from the public, wars rage on across the world, and our system of economics hangs in the balance.  Some would see this as a sign of end times.

canstockphoto0133570Have you ever thought that maybe the books that predict such horrors were edited by sadistic people who have manipulated the world to such an end?  Could it be possible that we are that ignorant or blind to our faith to not see such truths?  Thought provoking?  You will love the book!

More to Come

I am currently working on the second and third part of the Higher Powered trilogy. Stay tuned and check out the videos. Please leave comments on YouTube and Facebook. I would really like your input my friends.


Your Thoughts Have Power

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”
― Peace Pilgrim

This much is true… your thoughts carry more power than you will ever comprehend.  Thoughts are the first step of creation.  Your thoughts are like seeds that your mind sends out into the universe through vibrations.  As you focus more on the same thought over and over again, a shift towards that thought begins and it can manifest into your physical reality.  It is important to think wisely because everything you are experiencing now is a result of your thoughts in the past.  Negative energy attracts negative energy, as positive energy attracts positive energy.  So if you think you are a loser, you become that.  If you think you are successful (or at least heading in the right direction to be successful) you become that.

Change your Thoughts and You Will Change Your Life

The mind is a powerful super computer and you are the programmer.  It is important to know a few things about the mind.  Like a computer you purchase, it comes with some useless software that was installed on it from the factory.  If you want to erase the stuff that has no value to you, there is nothing stopping you from doing that.  As a matter of fact…that is an excellent idea!  Most of us don’t realize that every behavior pattern we display, everything from our system of values and morals to our religious beliefs were pre-programmed into our minds before we reached our sixth birthday.  We just keep going through life with all that data running in the subconscious part of our mind…which by the way is where most of our life changing decisions are made.

Using the Power of Thoughts

Some say that you can’t control your thoughts.  I will admit it is not easy, but with practice it can be done.  Everything in life requires practice to become easy.  Look at some of the guitar gods that make playing that instrument look effortless.  To them it is easy, but unless you have invested the time to learn how to play on their level you will never see what they can do as anything less than amazing.  I have invested tens of thousands of hours in my years of playing the guitar and I see what they do as not-so-easy.

The trick to controlling your thoughts is to change them.  When you feel a negative thought in your mind, change it to a positive one.  Think of something funny…like a fart, then laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine for your mind.  If you can laugh at the things that normally make you angry, you will change your life.  As a professional musician, I learned early to perfect my mistakes.  If I make one on a stage, keep playing and pretend I just farted in a crowded elevator.  If you make one…SO WHAT.  Own it, but keep playing.

  point (2)

Power Up!


The Power is in You

I had no Idea how fast my life could turn around like that!  It seemed like only a few months passed before I was feeling alive like never before.  I was excited to take on anything life was going to throw my way.  I had the power to do this the whole time, yet I chose to follow a different path.  Power to change always comes from within.  It is up to the individual to allow the switch to be thrown.  The greatest enemy to the true self is the ego.

Take Hold of the Power and Change

If you are ready to change your life from what it is today, yesterday and the days before to something new and exciting beyond your wildest dreams… open your mind (you will need to do that first) and get ready for a change.  You see, change can only take place if you allow it to.  Some of us won’t let that happen for a number of reasons.  Fear could be one of those reasons.  You may say “I’m not afraid.”  But deep within, there may be an underlying issue that has buried itself to avoid you of the discomfort.  I am not a doctor, counselor or psychologist, so if you need one to work out those issues, GET ONE.  I am only speaking from my own experience.  This may or may not work for you.  Depending on how willing you are to be completely honest (with yourself), your level of open-mindedness and willingness to change your ways of thinking for something better… results may vary.  I was broken at the beginning of my journey.  My spirit was asleep for so long, I couldn’t feel anything but pain.  Fortunately, pain is a great motivator.  Pain was also something that started a chain reaction that led me to believe in a power greater than myself… pain was it.

Being Higher Powered

A higher powered being is one who has a free thinking mind, an awakened spirit that is asked to lead the way, and one who takes care of the body he/ she is in, (respecting all three parts).  I will be very honest… I am not there yet.  I am a work-in-progress.  I do understand it will take time for everything else to fall into place, but I try hard to keep my focus on my goals.  It has and will continue to take a lot more practice.  That is much better than what I had before, and I am okay with that… “Easy Does It.”