About the Author

About the Author


My name is Shahryar Sadree.  It is pronounced exactly the way it is spelled… SHAH – REE – ARE     SAD – REE.  I have used Shaun for many years (before I discovered the real me).  I decided to use my birth given name for my writing projects, because I write from my soul and it was given this name by my grandmother at the time of my birth.  I was born in Tehran, Iran.  Growing up was not easy.  As a child, I was bullied by almost every group and class of kids, teachers, and parents.  As I got older, I decided to make it easier on others to pronounce my name (and myself from being the foreigner), to change my first name Shaun.  This led to low self esteem, and a world where I had lost my own identity.  I lived like that for most of my life.  I had many successes in my time of turmoil, yet I always felt like there was something missing.  A time came in my early forty’s where I finally had enough of the pain and numbness to life and made a decision to change everything… only this time I put actions to support my decision, and the changes came swiftly!

I wrote Higher Powered to share my new found wisdom with the world.  I have many accomplishments behind me (some I can’t believe, and some I am not very proud of).  Writing is my way to release myself (like music, but I am the only one that has the final word).  I sincerely believe it is my best work to date.  As I did the research and began to write this book, my life began to change with every chapter.  It was as if someone or something was telling me what to say.  My life began to make sense and for the first time ever I found the holy grail of happiness.  I can find that place at anytime and under any circumstance.  This is something so special I cannot keep it to myself.

It was as if writing was always my higher calling…

The Writer

My first book was written during a time when I was at my lowest point (definitely not my best work).  After a few years I wrote my second book.  I completed it, but didn’t feel it had quite the wow factor to publish… so it was shelved for later use.  Writing music lyrics was never my strong-hold, and yet somehow writing a book seemed to be something that I had to do.  After writing Higher Powered, I really believe I found my purpose and myself for the first time in my life.

The Musician

Riff Raff
Riff Raff

My first love has always been music.  I played professionally for many years since my early twenties…I even devoted much of my life to becoming a career musician.  In 2002, what looked like a break came my way and me and the rest of the band moved to Los Angeles, CA to begin a music career (leaving behind homes, families and businesses).  As it turned out, the only thing we came back home with from LA was an education (a very expensive one).  LA wasn’t a total wash, because I used that knowledge to do other things.AARSON

The Rockstar Artist

I decided to go back to landscaping (it was what I knew).  I applied the knowledge I acquired in LA to a landscape design and build business and it took off!  My signature trademark is grassless yards that use a lot of rock and stone…kind of funny but I did become quite the rockstar!  I actually make a good living…and don’t starve.  I love what I do so it doesn’t seem like work to me (even though it is very labor intensive work).  I still enjoy writing music, but I have found other things that interest me.